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As one of the oldest law firms in Cobb County, Dupree, Kimbrough, Carl & Reilly, LLP, has been assisting clients for more than 50 years with various types of legal problems.  From family law to personal injury to criminal defense, our experienced, award winning attorneys will guide you through the process and protect your interests with our dedicated and knowledgeable advocacy.

We are a general practice firm that is proud of our diversity and ability to assist our clients in whatever way they need.  We handle legal problems through litigation, mediation, arbitration and appeals, in various areas of law.

Personalized Attention to Each Client

At Dupree, Kimbrough, Carl & Reilly, LLP, we go to great lengths to ensure that we keep in constant communication with all of our clients concerning the details of their cases.  During the consultation, we will answer any questions you need addressed.  It is important to us that you know as much as possible about your case as soon as possible.  We build a personal relationship with each individual client because our ultimate goal is to provide the best legal services available to those in need of legal representation.  Our reputation is very important to us and we value integrity, responsiveness and hard work.


“We strive to provide quality legal representation for our clients regarding all aspects of their lives and to assist them in a personal, individual way.  Helping others in their darkest moments and most trying times and then seeing them come out on the other side in the best way possible drives us to do what we do.  We are here for them for all their needs whether it be a family, criminal, civil or probate matter.”

– Founding Partner, Hylton B. Dupree, Jr.


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Contact us at 770-424-7171 or send us an e-mail today to get more information on our legal services. We are located two blocks from downtown Marietta, Georgia.

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